Oil & Gas


Oil & Gas

Hydrite offers a broad range of foam control technologies to the oil and gas industry to help maintain optimum operations in petrochemical production and application. Our full line of defoamers, antifoams, and air release agents are designed to help both small market and multi-national producers.

Our complete foam control line is designed to work in both aqueous and non-aqueous systems. Our products are effective in:

  • Drilling mud
  • Gas scrubbing
  • Gas-oil separation
  • Delayed cokers
  • Asphalt processing
  • BTX extraction
  • Polymer processing

Take advantage of our free in-house product line testing to determine the best product for your system.

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  • Suppressor 1310

    10% silicone emulsion designed to deliver maximum control of foam at a low relative use cost. This product features quick knockdown and persistent foam control in applications including wasterwater treatment and oil & gas.

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  • Suppressor 1723

    Suppressor 1723 is a highly concentrated foam control product designed for use in industrial processing applications including textile formulations and down-hole drilling.

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  • Suppressor 2120

    Suppressor 2120 is a very active and efficient foam control product for use in gas dehydration, asphalt processing and BTX extraction. Suppressor 2120 also works well in drilling muds.

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  • Foam Control for Oil and Gas

    Foam Control for Oil and Gas

    Brochure detailing foam control solutions for the oil and gas industry.


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