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As a national producer and leader in the manufacturing of bisulfilte solutions, Hydrite offers a variety of sulfur derivatives that are effective in the removal of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as acetaldehyde from carbon dioxide gas streams in fermentation processes, and as a process aid during corn milling supporting preservation, steeping, and microbial control. Supported by a robust manufacturing and supply network across the United States as well as technical support and service, Hydrite remains a top choice for ethanol producers sourcing bisulfites. In addition to biofuels, Hydrite supplies sulfur chemistries to agriculture, industrial, food processing, energy, pulp & paper, and water treatment industries.

Bisulfite Chemistries


Hydrite has the flexibility and technical expertise required to address your biofuels application challenges, with chemistries formulated with required grades and regulatory approvals in mind.



Used in a range of applications, Hydrite offers solutions with varying concentrations of ABS by weight. Formulations are considered high purity and the ingredients are Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS). Notable biofuels applications include:

  • Effective in the removal of organic compounds such as acetaldehyde from the carbon dioxide gas stream
  • Steeping agent for wet corn milling (more cost-effective than sodium bisulfites)
  • Oxygen scavenger for dry distiller’s grains



Sodium bisulfites (SBS) are commonly used as a reducing agent in industrial applications, and to remove residual chlorine in wastewater. In the food industry, sodium bisulfite is used as a preservative and as a steeping agent. Notable biofuels applications include:

  • Effective in the removal of organic compounds such as acetaldehyde from the carbon dioxide gas stream
  • Steeping agent for wet corn milling
  • Oxygen scavenger for dry distiller’s grains


The biofuels team would be more than happy to discuss how Hydrite's bisulfite solutions can help your facility. If you're a current customer, please reach out to your local Hydrite account manager for more details. Not a Hydrite customer? Get in touch with the team:


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Bisulfites - VOC Abatement


VOC Abatement

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) need to be removed during fermentation to create non-toxic reaction products that can be safely disposed of. Since its launch, Hydri-Maize™ catalyzed bisulfites have removed billions of pounds of freshwater from ethanol plants with improved wet scrubbing performance.

The unique concentrated blends of catalyzed bisulfites are designed as a drop-in replacement for current bisulfites, helping ethanol producers reduce plant emissions, energy costs, and freshwater consumption, all while improving operations and eliminating bottlenecks in the industry. Learn more +



Bisulfites - Steeping in Wet Corn Milling

Steeping in Wet Corn Milling

Bisulfites are commonly used in wet corn milling as steeping agents to aid in the processing of corn into various products such as cornstarch, corn syrup, and ethanol. Bisulfites contribute to this process in three key ways:

  • Softening the Corn Kernels: Bisulfites help to loosen the pericarp (outer covering) of the corn kernel, making it easier to remove during processing. This allows for better separation of the various parts of the corn kernel.
  • Breaking Down Components: Bisulfites aid in breaking down the protein matrix and cell walls present in the corn kernel. This process helps release starch granules and other components, making them more accessible for extraction.
  • Preventing Microbial Growth: Bisulfites act as preservatives by inhibiting the growth of certain microorganisms. This helps maintain the quality of the corn during the steeping process by preventing spoilage.


Bisulfites - Dry Distiller Grains (DDGs)


Preservation in Dry Distiller Grains (DDGs)

Dry distiller's grains (DDGs), a byproduct of ethanol production from corn, are a valuable co-product obtained after the fermentation and distillation of corn in ethanol production. After the ethanol is separated, the remaining mash undergoes drying to create DDGs, which are used as a nutritious feed for livestock due to their high protein and fiber content.

Bisulfites can be utilized as an oxygen scavenger or preservative by reacting with and reducing the amount of dissolved oxygen present. This helps in preventing or minimizing oxidative reactions that could deteriorate the quality of the DDGs during storage. Oxidation reactions can lead to the degradation of fats, proteins, and vitamins, reducing their nutritional value and potentially causing rancidity and spoilage.


Hydrite Bisulfite Solutions

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