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Potassium Thiosulfate (Thio 25-17™) is a plant-safe potassium thiosulfate liquid fertilizer that can unlock the hidden yield in your crop production practices. A neutral to slightly basic liquid containing 25% potash and 17% sulfur, it is commonly referred to as 0-0-25-17S in the agricultural industry. It can be added to a variety of applications including foliar, fertigation, liquid starters, or side dress, with field trials producing compelling ROIs.


Potassium Thiosulfate Benefits

  • Safe and easy to handle

  • Compatible with many liquid fertilizers

  • Fortifies liquid starter and Y-drop systems

  • Helps over come disease and insect stress

  • Improves drought resistance


Crop without Thio 25-17™


Crop with Thio 25-17™



Kansas State University research showed that the addition of 5 lbs/acre of K20 as potassium thiosulfate (Thio 25-17™) in combination with 10-34-0 as a starter fertilizer increased corn yields by 12 bu/acre over equivalent amounts of N and P without potassium. The product offers increased yield opportunity in other crops like soybeans and potatoes. Can you afford not to try potassium thiosulfate?

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