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Unlock Hidden Crop Yield

Thio 25-17™ can unlock the hidden yield in your crop production practices. Thio 25-17™ is plant safe and can be applied through a variety of applications - including liquid starters, side dress, foliar, or fertigation - allowing you to provide vital nutrients when they are needed the most. Thio 25-17™ is an easy to handle liquid and when blended with 10-34-0 or UAN freeze points of those solutions are reduced, and overall product stability is enhanced. Field trials have shown compelling ROIs. Can you afford not to try potassium thiosulfate?


Proven Results 

Kansas State University research showed that the addition of 5 lbs/acre of K20 as potassium thiosulfate (Thio 25-17™) in combination with 10-34-0 as a starter fertilizer increased corn yields by 12 bu/acre over equivalent amounts of N and P without potassium. The product offers increased yield opportunity in other crops like soybeans and potatoes. 


Crop without Thio 25-17™


Crop with Thio 25-17™



Benefits of Thio 25-17



Potassium Thiosulfate Benefits

  • Safe and easy to handle
  • Compatible with many liquid fertilizers
  • Fortifies liquid starter and Y-drop systems
  • Helps over come disease and insect stress
  • Improves drought resistance


Nutrients For Plants

Potassium: Is credited for general plant health and is essential to overall plant development. It plays an important role in photosynthesis, transforming sugars, and producing starch (yield). Potassium also helps withstand drought stress by regulating transpiration. Water escapes through the opening and closing of the stomata on the bottom side of the leaf surface of which potassium directly regulates.

Sulfur (corn): Is required for the synthesis of chlorophyll and protein development of two essential amino acids - cysteine and methionine. Sulfur also has been shown to improve the efficiency of nitrogen!

Sulfur (soybean): Is required by rhizobia bacteria for the role crucial to all legume plants: nitrogen fixation. Sulfur is also required for the synthesis of chlorophyll and protein development of two amino acids - cysteine and methionine.



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