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Hydrite's Hydroxycide products treat, sanitize, clean, and deodorize. 

Hydrite's Hydroxycide products are used to control the growth of spoilage and decay-causing bacterial* and fungal* diseases on post-harvest fruits and vegetables or raw agricultural commodities. Also used for treatment of waters, used in handling, processing, packing and storage of raw fruits and vegetables or raw agricultural commodities to control the growth of spoilage and decay-causing bacterial* and fungal* diseases.

*Refers to nonpublic health pathogens


Why Use Hydroxycide 527?

Hydrite’s Hydroxycide 527 is an effective liquid biocide formulated to eliminate harmful nonpublic health microorganisms that negatively impact crops, agricultural equipment, and water distribution systems. Hydroxycide 527 works immediately on contact with any plant surface for control/suppression of plant pathogens and disease; and immediately targets destructive nonpublic health microorganisms such as fungus, algae, molds, and bacteria. When used as directed, Hydroxycide 527 breaks down into non-harmful, nontoxic byproducts. 

Preventative disease control through curative action — designed to eliminate what you can’t see. 




Green Check MarkEPA registered nonpublic health fungicide, nonpublic health bactericide, and nonpublic health algaecide for agriculture uses. EPA Reg. No. 2686-21

Green Check MarkOMRI Listed®

Green Check MarkEffective liquid antimicrobial formulated to eliminate harmful nonpublic health microorganisms

Green Check MarkNumerous agriculture application claims against nonpublic health pathogens

Green Check MarkHydroxycide 527 is available in 5/55/275 gallon containers

Plant Stem



  • For use in multiple irrigation systems
  • Foliar disease treatment for most crops including grains, seeds, grasses grown for seed or sod, fruits, vegetables, and other raw commodities.
  • Produce surface treatment to control spoilage causing organisms
  • Processing water treatment for fruits, vegetables, and other raw agricultural commodities






Wilts and Blights

Fire Blight

Powdery Mildew

Botrytis (grey mold)


Downy Mildew

Phytophthora (blights, rots)


Black Spot



Leaf Spot



Penicillium Molds


Fusarium (root rot)

Pseudomonas (nonpublic health pathogens)




Red, Blue Green, Black and Brown Algae


Plant Health Benefits



Untreated Strawberries    

(Figure 1) Untreated



Strawberries Treated with Hydroxycide 572

(Figure 2) Treated with Hydroxycide 527

(Figure 1): The strawberries shown in this figure were left untreated, leading to extensive growth of numerous bacteria and fungicide. Organisms began to take over the strawberry within days and could have been protected with Hydroxycide 527.

(Figure 2): The strawberries shown in this figure were treated with Hydrites product, Hydroxycide 527. Through this process, the strawberries were able to fight off the different fungicide and bacteria to remain healthy and go out on the market. 

Why Use Hydroxycide 1522?

Hydroxycide 1522 begins working immediately on contact with any plant surface for control and suppression of plant pathogens and disease. Hydroxycide 1522 can also be used to clean slime and algae from drip system filters, tapes and emitters removing blockages in micro irrigation systems and unplugging blocked emitters. Hydroxycide 1522 can be used in water or ice that contacts raw or fresh, post-harvest or further processed fruits, vegetables and raw agricultural commodities for the control of spoilage and decay causing bacteria* and fungi* in commercial operations and packing houses. Hydroxycide 1522 is used to clean harvest equipment such as but not limited to pickers, trailers, trucks (including truck body parts and tires), bins, packing crates, ladders, power tools, gloves, rubber boots, pruning shears or other hard, non-porous equipment. Hydroxycide 1522 is an effective sanitizer against microorganisms such as Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella enterica and Xanthomonas axonopodis (citrus canker).

*Refers to nonpublic health pathogens



Key Features


 Green Check MarkSustainable and Safe Decomposition

Green Check MarkControls Slime and Bacteria

Green Check MarkEasy to Use Single Feed Chemistry

Green Check MarkControl of Sulfides, Odor, Slime and Algae in Water Systems

Green Check MarkSanitizes & Disinfects

Green Check MarkEPA Registration No. 2686-22

Green Check MarkOMRI Listed®

Broad spectrum bactericide/fungicide on contact control for pathogens:


  • In the soil

  • Irrigation lines

  • Irrigation waters

  • Plant surfaces

  • Produce surfaces

  • Processing waters

  • Produce storages

  • Field and packing house equipment

Are Fungicide / Bactericide Solutions Important?

Fungicides and bactericides are important tools used in agriculture to protect crops from fungal and bacterial diseases. 

It's important to note that bactericides only target and control bacterial pathogens, while fungicides only target and control fungal pathogens. Therefore, it's crucial to identify the type of pathogen present in order to apply the appropriate solution.  

Bactericides can be applied as a preventative measure or as a treatment for an existing infection. When used correctly and in conjunction with other cultural practices, fungicides and bactericides can help to produce high-quality crops and protect their investments. 


Rows in a Field

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