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Procedures for Visiting Poultry Farms


What are procedures for visiting poultry farms and processing establishments?

Always check with visiting facility for establishment’s biosecurity protocols.
General procedures for visiting poultry farms and processing establishments includes but is not limited to:


  • Any person entering the site and/or facility is required to clean and disinfect footwear or wear site-provided footwear or foot covers prior to entering poultry houses, processing areas, and office areas.
  • Any person entering the facility is required to wash hands prior to entry and upon leaving the facility.
  • All personnel, including visitors will receive biosecurity training. Records will be kept of training activities.
  • Depending on farm/ processing facility policy, it may be mandatory that anyone entering the facility does not own other birds including pet birds, domestic chickens, ducks, geese, waterfowl, exotic birds, quail, partridge, or pheasants.

Equipment (Check establishment protocols prior to visit):

  • Footwear disinfection or use of site-provided footwear, or foot covers are available outside all external entrances. If footbaths are used, it must be monitored for chemistry levels on a frequent basis and recorded.
  • Handwashing and sanitizing stations are readily available. Stations shall be stocked with cleaner, sanitizer, and paper towels. Water must be of appropriate temperature to ensure a 20 second mechanical action of scrubbing is achieved of the hands.
  • Equipment and tools brought to the farm, if allowed, are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected prior to use.
  • Cleaned and disinfected equipment is held under condition preventing exposure to wild birds.


  • All vehicles traveling to a location where other birds are present, including feed stores, are cleaned and disinfected before entering the establishment premises.
  • If drivers are required to make multiple stops at more than one individual farm or establishment on a given day, they are prohibited from entering poultry houses or egg processing areas.
  • Vehicles and containers from rendering plants shall be cleaned and disinfected prior to entering establishment premises.


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