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Vibrant No. 173


Vibrant No. 173


Vibrant, No. 173 is a liquid, high-foaming, non-phosphated acid cleaner with excellent solvency for removing organic and mineral deposits from equipment in food plants.

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For foam cleaning.
It may also be used for manual cleaning. Use proper protective safety equipment.
Cleaning aluminum poultry chillers and chill water tanks.
Consult your Hydrite representative for specific recommendations.

Product Details


  • Contains special surfactant blend for removal of fats and greases.
  • Removes both scale deposits and fat residue from meat, poultry, and other processing equipment in one cleaning cycle.
  • Does not contain harsh or strong smelling solvents.
  • Possesses excellent rinsing properties.
  • Non-corrosive to hot stainless steel surfaces.

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