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HydroxSan Plus is an EPA registred sanitizer containing 5.9% peracetic acid (PAA), and 27.3% hydroxgen peroxide. 


  • Used in the dairy, food, wine, and beverage processing industry for CIP pipeline, filling machines, bottle washing, and tank cleaning, sanitization, and disinfection
  • Used in the treatment of process water, cooling water, and wastewater.
  • Additional primary uses include slime and biofouling control in RO and UF membranes, the pulp and paper industry, dispersed pigments and coating industries.
  • Also used for disinfection and cleaning of RO and UF membranes.

This product must be used in accordance with the label.


  • Hydroxysan Plus has a high oxidation potential and is very reactive.
  • Exhibits excellent bactericidal and fungicidal activity against a wide range of microorganisms in cold or warm water.


  • Hydroxysan Plus Product Information

    Hydroxysan Plus Product Information

    Hydroxysan Plus is an EPA registered sanitizer containing peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, and acetic acid used in food and beverage processing.


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