Sodium Hypochlorite - Bleach


Sodium Hypochlorite 

SYNONYMS:  Bleach, Liquid Chlorine


Sodium hypochlorite is a well-known cleaning agent. Sodium hypochlorite is intended for use in surface, commercial and household laundry sanitizers, drinking water and wastewater treatment disinfectants. Sodium hypochlorite also has applications in stain removal, medicine, and deodorizing.  Sodium hypochlorite is most commonly used for bleaching and cleaning, and protein and color removal applications; as well as used in the Pulp and Paper, Textiles, and Laundry Industries.


We offer both an EPA Registered and NSF Certified Grade of Bleach as well as an EPA registered concentrated liquid chlorine sanitizer.



Typical Uses and Applications

  • Sanitation of porous and non-porous food contact surfaces, porous and non-porous non-food contact surfaces
  • Sewage and waste water effluent treatment: slime and coliform bacteria control
  • Potable water disinfection: individual and public systems; emergency after floods, fire, droughts and main breaks
  • Cooling tower/pulp and paper mill process water systems: microbial control
  • Swimming pool, spa and hot tub water disinfection 


Packaging Options:

Sodium hypochlorite is available in drums, totes, and bulk.  Please contact us for specific packaging and pricing information.

Hydrite Chemical Co. is a manufacturer and supplier of Sodium Hypochlorite and other chemicals.  Hydrite is one of the largest and most respected providers of chemicals and related services in the United States. We are proud to partner with hundreds of companies to help them make the best products in the world. 

PRECAUTIONS Product safety information and handling precautions are contained on the product label and Safety Data Sheet (SDS).  READ AND UNDERSTAND LABEL AND SAFETY DATA SHEET BEFORE PRODUCT USE.


Other intended uses may include:

1. For manufacturing use only in the formulation of end-use products intended as:

Sanitizers of surfaces (e.g. wooden butcher blocks, stainless steel tops, concrete floors, tile walls; or

Sanitizers of commercial and household laundry; or

Agents to wash or assist in lye peeling of fruits and vegetables; or

Disinfectant of poultry drinking water; or

Disinfectants of human drinking water (emergency/ public/individual), swimming pool water, Hubbard/ immersion tank water, spas/hot tubs, hydrotherapy pools, human drinking water systems (e.g water mains); or

Disinfectants of nonporous hard surfaces (e.g. tile, glass, stainless steel, fiberglass); or

Agents to help control microorganisms in sewage, wastewater, industrial and pulp and paper process water systems; or

Algaecides/slimicides in cooling towers or evaporative condensers; or

Sanitizers of dialysis machines; or

Sanitizers of toilet bowls; or

Agents to help control algae and bacteria in fish and lobster ponds/tanks and conditioning oysters; or

Agents to help control slime on boat bottoms; or

Agents to sanitize and deodorize artificial sand beaches; or

Agents to kill scavenger fish in fish hatchery ponds; or

Agent for use in which US EPA has accepted the required data and/or citations of data submitted by formulator in support of registration

2. Cleaning formulations, bleaching & non-pesticide chemical manufacturing.


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