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Sodium Persulfate

Product Number

CAS No. 7775-27-1


Sodium persulfate is an oxidizing persulfate salt with a variety of applications.

Packaging Options: Sodium persulfate is available in 55 pound bags. Contact us or ask your representative for further information.


Sodium peroxodisulfate


Sodium persulfate is an oxidizing persulfate salt that is used as a detergent component, as an etchant in printed circuit boards, and as a radical initiator in polymerization reactions of styrene based monomers. Sodium persulfate also has some application as a standalone bleach in cosmetics, particularly for hair.


Sodium persulfate is incompatible with acids, alkalis, halides, combustible materials, most metals and heavy metals, oxidizable materials, other oxidizers, reducing agents, cleaners, and organic or carbon containing compounds. Please see SDS for full safety and compatibility information.

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