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Sodium Nitrate

Product Number

CAS No. 7631-99-4


Sodium nitrate is a common nitrate salt used in applications including fertilizers and as a meat preservative.

Packaging Options: Sodium Nitrate is available as a powder in 50 pound bags or as a solution in in drums, totes, and bulk. Contact us or ask your representative for further information.




Sodium nitrate is a common nitrate salt used in many applications including in fertilizers and as a food preservative in meats. Sodium Nitrate is commonly used to preserve and keep the color of meat and poultry, it is also used in gunpowder and fireworks manufacturing. It has some minor use in the wastewater industry for facultative microorganism respiration.


Sodium nitrate is incompatible with reducing agents, acids, bases, combustibles, and other materials that are incompatible with weak oxidizers. Please see SDS for full safety and compatibility information.

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