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Potassium Carbonate


Potassium Carbonate

CAS No. 584-08-7
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Product Details


Potassium carbonate, also known as potash, has applications in multiple end use markets and industries. Potassium carbonate is a mild drying agent, buffering agent, water softener, and animal feed ingredient. Potassium carbonate can also be used in pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, detergents and cleaners, textiles, rubber additives, and as polymer catalysts.


Potassium carbonate is not compatible with oxidants, acids, alkaline earth metals, nitrates, chlorine, aluminum, fluorine, magnesium, silicon, chlorine trifluoride. Please see SDS for full safety and compatibility information.

Packaging Options:

Potassium carbonate solutions are available in drums, totes, and bulk. Granular potassium carbonate is available in 50 pound bags. Please contact us for specific packaging information.


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