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Boric acid

Product Number

CAS No. 10043-35-3


Boric acid is a weak acid used in medical applications, as an insecticide, and industrial applications like producing fiberglass.

Packaging Options: Typically available in drums, totes, and bulk. Contact us or ask your representative for further information.


Trihydrooxidoboron, Orthoboric acid, Boracic acid, Sassolite, Optibor, Borofax, Trihydroxyborane, Boron(III) hydroxide


Boric acid is a weak acid which occurs naturally or is often formed by reacting borax with a mineral acid. It has a wide variety of major uses, including medical uses as an anti-septic or as an acne treatment, insecticidal uses in household ant and cockroach traps, and industrial uses like producing fiberglass. Boric acid also has many minor in other processes, encompassing lubrication, wood preservation, and even nuclear power. In combination with polydimethylsiloxane it forms a pliable, bouncing putty often used as a household toy.


Boric acid is compatible with most common metals, plastics, and elastomers, but is incompatible with bases, cyanides, sulfites, and strong oxidizing or reducing agents. Please see SDS for full safety and compatibility information.


Product NameProduct NumberDescription

Powdered Boric Acid, Technical Grade


A powdered, technical grade boric acid.

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Granular Boric Acid, Technical Grade


A granular, technical grade boric acid.

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Granular Boric Acid, NF (USP)


Granular boric acid meeting NF and USP specifications.

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