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Oven Cleaner C360

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OVEN CLEAN C360 is a heavy duty, self foaming liquid detergent formulated expressly for use in cleaning smokehouses, cookers, and associated heavily soiled equipment typically found in food processing plants. Formulated for use in applications where carbon, heavy burn-on, grease, and fat must be removed. OVEN CLEAN C360 contains a blend of sodium hydroxide, hard water mineral sequestrants, penetrating agents, wetting agents, rinse agents, alkaline builders and alkaline salts. 


  • High foaming
  • Contains additives
  • Highly alkaline
  • Contains water conditioners
  • Phosphate free
  • Suitable for foam or atomize cleaning
  • Readily penetrates tough soils
  • Removes carbonized and organic soils
  • Rinses freely
  • No environmental phosphorous discharges




 OVEN CLEAN C360 can be used in red meat and pork packing plants, poultry and further processing plants, dairy and cheese plants, and other food processing plants. OVEN CLEAN C360 is especially effective for foam cleaning or atomizing of smokehouses, trees, racks, and related equipment. Designed for use in soft to moderately hard water where heavily burnt on soils must be removed. OVEN CLEAN C360 is safe for use on most plastics, Teflon, HDPE, stainless steel, plain steel, fiber wall panels, and ceramic tile. Not recommended for use on aluminum, galvanized (zinc coated), tin, copper, bronze, or other soft metals.


 Manufactured in the USA


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