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CAB 2500

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CAB 2500 is a mixture of strong mineral acids with citric acid that is used as a process aid for pH adjustment of solutions. It can replace anhydrous citric acid and phosphoric acid in many applications, including whey and lactose processing.


  • Effective blend that dissolves mineral soils
  • Lowers pH faster than straight citric or phosphoric
  • May be stored and pumped to various areas of the plant
  • Gives greater control of feed rates and helps control overuse
  • One gallon of Cab 2500 is equivalent to 5 pounds of 50% citric acid or 3 pounds of 75% phosphoric acid


  • Citric
  • Sulfuric
  • Hydrocholic


  • Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) - see technical documentation for full compliance details
  • Certified Kosher-Pareve.
  • Meets the dietary requirements of Halal (Halal certified when produced at the Hydrite Waterloo facility)
  • Manufactured in the USA


  • Food and Beverage Infographic

    Food and Beverage Infographic

    Infographic of Hydrite Food and Beverage Capabilities


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