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Apollo No. 327


Apollo No. 327


Apollo No. 327 is a nonionic surfactant additive designed to improve cleaning of membrane filtration systems. Intended for use on UF and MF polymeric membranes.

Apollo No. 327 is approved for use in all food plants. Refer to Hydrite’s FDA Approval Letter.

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For use in cleaning of high fat application membrane systems such as milk UF and defatting MF membrane systems.

• Use Apollo No. 327 at 0.6 to 2 Fl. Oz. per 10 gallons of water in the alkaline wash. Rinse thoroughly with potable water. 

• This product can be used at higher usage levels than listed for heavy soil loads, burnt on soils, or other conditions where more chemical is required to remove the soil.

• Consult your Hydrite representative for specific recommendation

Product Details

Features and Benefits

• Formulated without alkylphenol ethoxylates (NPE-free & APE-Free)

• Patented surfactant blend improves fat emulsification

• Reduces surface tension to improve soil penetration and increase protein and fat removal

• Free-rinsing formula

• Cold temperature stable concentrate, no need for heating blankets

• Improves cleaning of high fat application membrane systems such as milk UF and defatting MF membrane systems

• Compatible with polysulfone and PVDF membranes

• Highly concentrated but safe for wastewater treatment plants

• Environmentally friendly formulation

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Apollo #327? 
Apollo #327 is a premier NPE Free Non-ionic surfactant for use with Ultrafiltration and Microfiltration membranes.

Why do I need Apollo #327?
Apollo #327 has been tested in the field and show superior performance in the following areas:

  • Fat Removal
  • Re-wetting performance
  • Low flavor profile
  • Safer environmental impact
  • Possible lower use rates

How much do I use?
It is recommended to work with the Hydrite Membrane Program for product use rate recommendations.

What package sizes are available?
The Apollo #327 is available in drums and totes.

How do I dispense Apollo #327?
Apollo #327 is dispensed similar to HydriCleanse #325 or Bright Cleanse #321.  Contact your Hydrite representative with any questions.

How viscose is the product?
Apollo #327 is 220 cP @ 20 °C which is a slightly lower viscosity than Bright Cleanse #321 or Hydri-Cleanse #325. It is approximately the same viscosity as Hydri-Cleanse WB.

What PPE is required?
See SDS.

Operator Training:
• As per any new chemistry – operator awareness of new product on site and use rate.
• Safety training for new chemistry

Does Apollo #327 need extra rinsing?
No. Apollo #327 should be used with normal rinse times. In some cases, Apollo #327 usage rate requirements can be reduced compared to incumbent products, please consult with the membrane team for suggested usage rates.

How do I know Apollo #327 is working?
Ensure you have a baseline data collection of system performance by review production and CIP log sheet trends:

  • Baseline Pressure
  • Feed Flow
  • Concentrate flow and solids.
  • Clean Water Flux
  • Review with Plant manager or supervisors on other KPI for each unit.
  • Apollo #327 Product Flyer

    Apollo #327 Product Flyer

    Apollo #327 a premiere non-ionic surfactant additive designed to improve cleaning membrane filtration systems for Ultrafiltration & Microfiltration polymeric membranes


  • Apollo 327 Case Study

    Apollo 327 Case Study

    Case Study: Field Performance of Apollo No. 327 in Microfiltration System



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