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Hydrite® RITE-Sight™ Program


What is RITE-Sight™?

RITE-Sight™ is a web-based remote collaboration solution, providing on-demand access to technical expertise to improve troubleshooting and maintenance practices, in a safer and more efficient manner. This AR (Assisted Reality) conferencing solution is hardware agnostic, designed for wearable devices, and able to connect to multiple video sources (like a thermal camera or a microscope).  All data is transmitted using a secure connection with end-to-end encryption, and XpertEye’s “Confidential Mode” allows Hydrite to ensure that no sensitive customer data is put at risk during remote assistance calls.



RITE-Sight™ allows field technicians to share crucial information to and from the field helping to save time, reduce manufacturing downtime, minimize travel, and reduce cost and expenses. Hydrite offers industry leading support to their customers, all while reducing traditional overhead costs and ecological footprint.  Hydrite can support customers and lend expertise in real-time.





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