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Corn Oil Optimization


Corn oil is an important co-product that plays a significant role in the profitability of fuel ethanol facilities. Hydrite has identified several key metrics to help producers evaluate the efficiency of their corn oil extraction processes. The Hydri-Maize Index is a complimentary report available that allows producers to gain insight into their corn oil extraction process and how it stacks up to the rest of the fuel ethanol industry.  Contact Us today to request a Hydri-Maize Index when using our corn oil extraction process aids.

Next Generation Chemistry

Hydrite focuses on developing new products that help our customers improve their operations and enhance their total system performance. We have new products all of which are GRAS most recently in corn oil extraction, CIP, and mycotoxin programs.  Our chemists work to develop new and improved products to offer the latest technology to assit with various operating system conditions.


Percent Oil Analysis

The percent oil analysis aims to quantify the efficiency of a producer’s corn oil extraction process. Specifically, we measure the percent of available corn oil in syrup (centrifuge feed) as it enters the centrifuge with the percent of available corn oil coming out of the centrifuge (heavy phase). This analysis measures how much of the available oil is extracted during the centrifugation process. This is also compared to the industry average.

Microscopic Analysis

A microscopic analysis of both the centrifuge feed (left) and the heavy phase (right) is included as part of the Hydri-Maize Index. The microscopic analysis provides a visual representation of the system chemistry. Larger oil globules in the centrifuge feed, which are often the result of demulsification chemistry, are a predictor of highly efficient corn oil recovery. Available oil droplets in the heavy phase are an indication of demulsifier incompatability.

Centrifuge Feed Heavy Phase

Particle Size Analysis

The availability of corn oil is influenced, in part, by the particle size of the syrup. A finer grind will expose more surface area to the demulsification chemistry and ultimately lead to greater system efficiency. The Hydri-Maize Index provides a particle size distribution of a syrup sample as well as a comparison to industry averages.

Sample Particle Size Analysis

corn oil optimization

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