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HydriShield PA 15 LP


HydriShield PA 15 LP

HydriShield PA 15 LP is an aqueous mixture of peroxyacetic acid (PAA) and hydrogen peroxide.
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Food contact applications including meat, poultry, processed and pre-formed meat, processed and pre-formed poultry, fish and seafood, fruits and vegetables, shell egg washing, and sauces or marinades for meat and poultry.
Product Details
HydriShield PA 15 LP is a FDA approved antimicrobial processing aid, which has approvals in various food intervention applications with high maximum use limits. HydriShield PA 15 LP has a relatively low level of hydrogen peroxide compared to other products on the market, which may be desirable for certain applications, such as in poultry and vegetable processing. With a low level of hydrogen peroxide, HydriShield PA 15 LP is less prone in causing poultry discoloration or browning of delicate lettuce and other fragile produce.
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