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What Is Peracetic Acid?

Peracetic acid is simply an acetic acid molecule with an extra oxygen such that there is an O-O bond.

Other names: peroxyacetic acid, ethaneperoxy acid, peroxyethanoic acid, acetic peroxide

  • Strong oxidizer/oxidant
  • Odor Control Agent
  • Anti-Scalant
  • Bleaching Agent
  • Catalase Control Agent
  • Disinfectant/ Sanitizer with broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity
    • Effective against bacteria, fungi, yeasts and spores
    • Efficacious against biofilms

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What are the Benefits Of Peracetic Acid?

Controls odors Easy to use Low freeze point
Non-foaming Safe decomposition products Removes sulfides
No toxic byproducts Operates over a wide temperature and pH ranges Limited investment cost
Effective against a broad spectrum of microorganisms No disposal/discharge issues No toxic residues

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