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Emerge 414


Hydri-Gro Emerge 414


Hydri-Gro Emerge 414 liquid soybean starter fertilizer is formulated using high quality raw materials to provide an excellent source of N-P-K-S. This allows for Hydri-Gro Emerge 414 to have a minimal salt index, maximum soluble plant nutrients, and low salt-out temperature. The available phosphorous is delivered as 100% orthophosphate.

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Hydri-Gro Emerge 414 is compatible with Hydri-Gro chelated micronutrients, as well as most pesticides Hydri-Gro Emerge 414 is easy and safe to handle for in-furrow and 2x2 side dressed applications. Hydri-Gro Emerge 414 is easy and safe to handle for in-furrow, side dressed, and foliar applications.

Product Details
HYDRI-GRO Analysis Rate/A Micronutrient Chelation Density (lbs./gal) SaltOut (°F)
Emerge 414 4-1-4+2 S, 1 Zn, 0.5 MN, 0.025 B 3-5 gals EDTA 11.5 -3



  • Easy and safe to handle liquid products
  • Nutrients are in an effective, readily available form
  • Available with non-EDTA complexed micronutrients
  • Foliar nutrients help defend against environmental stresses
  • Compatible with most fungicides, insecticides, and herbicides


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