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Hydri-Maize CB-427


Hydri-Maize CB-427

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Hydri-Maize CB-427 is a concentrated proprietary reducing agent that acts as a sodium source for alpha-amylase enzymes, improving the color of dried distiller grains (DDGs) and reducing VOC emissions. Learn more


  • GRAS for animal feed
  • FSMA compliant
  • Lower addition rates mean less material handling


  • Use in thin stillage processing streams to reduce vomitoxin concentrations in DDGs and other liquid grain streams used for animal feed.
  • Can be used to improve syrup and DDG color, including darkening that can occur during plant shutdowns, or with new generation enzymes.
  • Can lighten already darkened syrup from low to mid 40s to 50+ Hunter L.
  • Typical usage rates vary between 0.1% – 1.0% of flow based on current vomitoxin concentration.
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