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Hydri-Maize SAR


Hydri-Maize SAR


Hydri-Maize SAR™ is a highly concentrated acid blend that is effective in the removal of inorganic and organic compounds throughout an ethanol plant. The formula was specifically designed to ensure consistency in cleaning, while following feed requirements. Hydri-Maize SAR™ has lowered customers’ chemical usage, provided better cleaning and reduced chemical costs.


HydriMaize SAR Pumpable Liquid in ToteEvaporators, beer mash exchangers, and stack coils.

Any application requiring scale removal.  A cost effective method for the removal of mineral scale in evaporators, plate and frame heat exchangers... any application where inorganic scale is an issue.

  • GRAS for animal feed
  • FSMA Compliant
  • Safer and more effective than sulfamic acid
  • Reduction in ergonomic hazards
  • Easy to Use
  • Injectable anywhere in the process
  • Pumpable liquid fluid
  • Acid cleaning of evaporators, centrifuges, and ethanol unit operations requiring CIP.
  • Typical usage concentrations are lower than 1%. Contact your Hydrite representative for final recommendations.


Generally recognized as safe (GRAS) 


  • Hydri-Maize SAR Product Flyer

    Hydri-Maize SAR Product Flyer

    Features, benefits, uses, and applications for HydriMaize SAR (Sulfamic Acid Replacement)


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