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Defender L-310


Defender L-310


Defender L-310 provides ethanol producers with a GRAS approval for animal feed, antibiotic-free product to protect yeast from gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.

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Defender L-310 is considered GRAS in beverage ethanol, when used at a maximum level of 117 pounds per 1,000,000 pounds of ethanol produced.

Defender L-310 is considered GRAS in DDGS intended for use in animal feed, when used in the propagator and fermenter during ethanol production in accordance with Hydrite’s use instructions, resulting in a maximum residual level of 1581 ppm in the DDGS.

Product Details

Defender L310
Antibiotic free antimicrobial effective against gram positive & gram negative bacteria


  • Effective at low dosages
  • Approved for use in beverage ethanol

Value Proposition

  • Reduction in antibiotic use and potential for an antibiotic free operation
  • Promotes metabolic activity
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