FoodSafe names Hydrite as Distributor for SafeNature


FoodSafe Technologies names Hydrite HydriPet as Distributor for SafeNature Natural Antioxidants for Pet Food and Pet Treats in North America


FoodSafe Technologies™ – an international supplier of antioxidant and antimicrobial products serving pet food manufacturers, pet food protein manufacturers, and co-packers, is proud to announce that it’s SafeNature™ brand of natural and botanical antioxidant products are now available to the Pet Food Industry and Pet Food Co Packers through Hydrite® and the HydriPet™ brand. 

SafeNature is commonly used as an antioxidant in the pet food industry due to its ability to offset the deterioration of lipids and fats within pet foods ingredients. Because of the availability of unique ingredient variations within the SafeNature product family, including Made in the USA, USA Crops, Non-Soy, Country of Origin claims and Non-GMO product variations, SafeNature™ has become well accepted within the Pet Food industry.

As an increasing number of new pet food and pet food treat products are launched, there is a growing demand from the formulators of these products for improved label claims, and in turn, demanding high quality botanical, plant extract, and natural antioxidants in smaller packages. These new product launches typically do not have the same volume as Big Box brands, and the brand developers need to protect their higher- quality label claims and ingredient list. Working together with Hydrite, FoodSafe Technologies can now assure rapid delivery of medium to smaller package sizes to these Pet Food producers, ensuring their label claims are not compromised.

By partnering with Hydrite and the HydriPet division, FoodSafe Technologies seeks to make available smaller packages of these antioxidants ‘on demand’ within the Hydrite distribution delivery model. This allows the developing and growing pet food company and brand to source the exact antioxidant they would prefer to use, support enhanced label claims, and have those exact antioxidants available for delivery. This prevents higher inventory carrying costs, and avoids accepting lower quality antioxidants offered by sub-contractors. Product quality, enhanced label claims, and product integrity are paramount for growing pet food brands. FoodSafe Technologies, Hydrite and HydriPet can economically support the enhanced label claims for all pet food brands.

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