HydriPrint™ 300


HydriPrint™ 300 is a styrene-acrylic emulsion polymer designed for low gloss inks and overprints without the use of silica and/or wax additives.

Features and Benefits
  • Fast drying
  • Very low gloss – typical value of <5 on 60° Gloss meter
  • Non-blocking
  • Good water resistance
  • Excellent transfer & resolubility


Advantages Over Silica-based Systems
  • Very easy to use
  • No need to incorporate a silica slurry
  • Better stability – no issues with settling or floating
  • Will not cause poor lay or streaking
  • Has potential to obtain lower gloss


Typical Values*

Solids Contents (wt%):    43
pH:                                              8.0
Viscosity (cp):                       500
Tg, °C:                                        60
Acid Number:                       32

*Not a Specification

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