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Pulp and Paper

It is vital to your business to find a cost effective way to manage your pulp and paper chemical needs while maintaining rigid quality demands. With mills closing across the country, there is worry regarding stability and product quality, and pressure to produce the best product possible while being cost efficient. At Hydrite Chemical Co., we are uniquely positioned to meet the challenges you face in the paper industry.

Whether it is our capability to manufacture high quality bleaching aids, ammonia or dechlorination products, or the ability to offer customized products, we have the expertise to deliver what you need. Our system of regional warehouse and manufacturing facilities allows us to offer unsurpassed customer service. We use our own fleet of trucks and a professional staff to go beyond normal distribution.

Manufactured Chemicals

  •    Aqua ammonia
  •    Sodium hypochlorite
  •    Sodium bisulfite

Commodity Chemicals

  •    Caustic soda
  •    Chlorine
  •    Sulfur dioxide

Specialty Chemicals

  •    Defoamers
  •    Cleaners
  •    Bleaching agents
  •    Optical brighteners
  •    Dechlorination agents
  •    Flame retardants


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  • Paper Products

    Paper Products

    Foam control agents for controlling foam and entrained air in the pulping of wood and the subsequent papermaking process.



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