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Hydrite and Specialty Plant Services (SPS) are joined in a strategic alliance to deliver the highest quality cleaning experience to our customers. Hydrite, a family-owned company established in 1929, and SPS, a minority owned sanitation service, both value quality and customer satisfaction above all else. This dedication and commitment to our customers makes our collaboration not only effective, but also meaningful.



Safety is a priority. This means starting every customer meeting and employee interaction with safety. Hydrite and SPS provide ongoing safety training and coaching of our associates both in the classroom and on the plant floor. Hydrite and SPS proactively work to prevent accidents before they happen.



The stars come out at night. SPS offers a cost-plus model to provide their associates the best compensation and benefits in the industry. Hydrite and SPS truly believe in their teams and consider them assets. Both Hydrite’s and SPS’s retention numbers provide a significant competitive advantage in a traditionally high turnover environment.



We stick to what we know. One of our core competencies is cleaning and sanitation. Your food safety and brand protection programs are important and that is why Hydrite’s approach to cleaning and sanitization is comprehensive. Working with SPS, we provide a variety of solutions designed to optimize operating costs and improve efficiency. We rely on a consultative problem solving approach when working with our customers. Hydrite offers customized programs that align with customer requirements and strategies all while maintaining or enhancing the quality of your end product. Hydrite's Intervention Chemistry program goes beyond plant sanitation and focuses on equipment, Clean-in-Place, spoilage prevention and cross contamination.  



While traditional contract cleaners are working to reduce their labor and supply costs and improve profi tability, Hydrite and SPS work together to enhance efficiencies and deliver a customized plan for your sanitation processes.



Hydrite is a family-owned company since 1929 with core values and expectations focusing on Integrity, Innovation, Quality, People, and Responsible Growth.



SPS is a minority-owned business that recognizes how diversity and inclusion at all levels of the organization makes a stronger company and an attractive place to work. SPS has certifications from WBENC (Women’s Business Enterprise National Council) and the NWBOC (National Women Business Owners Corporation), and is Diversity Program Qualified.



Understanding the bigger picture. As a customer-driven company, Hydrite aims to make a positive impact on the world’s economy and society while protecting the environmental resources it depends on. We can use the dialogue fostered by customers and employees to engage not only in environmental change, but social responsibility as well. We aim to be a company that people are proud to be a part of. SPS understands that while labor is a significant part of a world class food safety program, there is a larger responsibility at hand. By base-lining water, energy, and chemical consumption and costs before we start cleaning a facility, we can customize a sanitation program to deliver on your sustainability goals and objectives as well as track our progress on how we get there.

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