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Promote Yeast Growth


Yeast strength improves using Hydrite's Defender line of products.  Perfect for use to increase yeast vitality.  Use during high fermenter temperatures and when fusels are high.  Contact us today to learn more.


Defender YVE-013
Yeast vitality enhancer used to promote yeast growth & decrease yeast stress

  • GRAS approved for animal feed
  • Effective against both Gram Positive & Gram Negative Bacteria
  • Liquid added to yeast prop, fermenters, and infected unit operations


Why Use Defender YVE-013?

  • Yeast strength improves using Defender YVE-013
    • Vitality, cell count, budding increase and glycerin decreases
  • Fermenters (via props) treated with YVE-013 produced lower drop glycerol suggesting lower yeast stress
  • Infected fermenters dosed with YVE-013 improved yeast vitality allowing yeast to perform “better” in the presence of bacteria


Yeast Viability

Test site average trial data demonstrating an increase in Yeast Propagation (YP) cell count and also showing an increase in yeast vitality.

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