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Combating Vomitoxin and Aflatoxin


Hydrite is pleased to announce the development of two, unique solutions to combat both vomitoxin (DON) and aflatoxin. These two mycotoxins are present in the corn and thrive in various growing seasons. During the milling process, these mycotoxins are concentrated and reside in the finished animal feed, either wet cake or dry distiller grain (DDG). Hydrite has been investigating chemical solutions to reduce levels of each of these mycotoxins (see charts below).

Along with providing a treatment solution, we have also reviewed the following for trial testing and program confirmation:

  • Dosing equipment, location, and approximate dose range
  • Process conditions to help ensure asset protection
  • Trial testing schedules to determine treatment cost and ROI


Hydrite has the flexibility and technical expertise required to address your application challenges. We have specific products and formulations with required grades and regulatory approvals available for each application. Please reach out to your local Hydrite account manager for more details. We would be more than happy to discuss how these treatment programs can help your operation.


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