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As a manufacturer, you need to address sustainability for many reasons. Your customers and suppliers want to support companies that are environmentally attentive, government agencies are stricter in environmental compliance, and quite simply, it’s the right thing to do. Making sustainability an important aspect of your day-to-day operations can help secure the future of your business.

Hydrite Chemical Co. is a No Landfill company.  We believe in protecting today's environment as well as and tomorrow's environment.  Hydrite is committed to help you in your sustainability efforts in three major categories. We reduce your chemical, water and energy usage, which makes you money while being “green.” For example, we develop products that work at lower concentration than traditional cleaning products, require less rinsing, and work at lower temperatures.

Our products comply with U.S. EPA criteria for biodegradability and aquatic toxicity, and have minimal impact on the environment. We have developed PLC based equipment that controls and records usage to prevent over-usage. This equipment also performs diagnostic testing on cleaning cycles to eliminate chemical solutions being sent to waste treatment, and ensures the mechanics of the system are operating correctly. Hydrite Chemical Co. has low sodium, low EC, reduced solids programs, and we supply our product in bulk, with returnable drums and totes to reduce the amount of plastic sent to landfills.

Our sustainable products include:

  • Single phase cleaners
  • Caustic additives
  • Built caustic products
  • Low sodium and low chloride cleaning programs
  • Non-phosphate programs
  • Low temperature cleaning
  • Membrane cleaning
  • Process aids for reducing energy consumption on heat transfer equipment

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