Foam Control

Protect your process from unwanted foam with our extensive line of expertly crafted defoamers
and antifoam products.

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Hydrite Chemical Co. is an integrated manufacturer and supplier of foam control technology for both industrial and food processing. Our advanced technology can help you lower overall operating costs while improving quality and processing.

Our chemists are well versed in foam control technology and eager to help you solve issues associated with foam and entrained air. We provide fully integrated lab services designed to help solve the toughest of foaming issues and provide a professional report detailing the results and solution recommendations. Coupling our strong customer service commitment with our national system of warehouses, manufacturing plants and truck fleet, we can meet or exceed your needs and deliver on our promise of superior service.

Hydrite Chemical Co. puts quality first to ensure that you receive the products that rank among the best in the industry.


  • Mineral oil
  • Silicone
  • Organosilicone
  • Silicone/Organosilicone emulsions
  • Synthetic/Polymeric emulsions
  • Synthetic/Polymeric blends
  • Wax Emulsions

To download our foam control theory powerpoint, click here.

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