Food and Beverage


Food and Beverage

Hydrite offers a line of food processing products to cover a wide variety of needs for fruit & vegetable, meat & poultry, egg and dairy processing. We provide solutions in:

Sanitation chemicals: We have a comprehensive approach to cleaning and offer a full range of products, such as CIP cleaners, manual cleaners, acid and alkaline products, sanitizers, processing aids, and membrane cleaners.  Our extensive line of sanitation products, coupled with our technical support, will increase productivity and your bottom line.

Food ingredients: We are a single source provider of distributed dry ingredients and manufactured liquid chemical additives to food, industrial and manufacturing companies. What sets us apart from other ingredient manufacturers/distributors is our ability to be your “one-stop-shop” for all things chemical; one company, one shipment, one contact and one purchase order.

Meat intervention chemistry: We carry approved (21CFR, USDA, and FCN), effective antimicrobial products to safely assist in fighting foodborne bacteria when applied to poultry and meat during processing.   See what we can offer in our Meat Intervention flyer.

Foam control: Our foam control group offers a product line developed around the critical aspects of food contact. We offer application solutions in fermentation, wet-corn milling, potato processing, dairy production, organic processing, protein extraction and candy processing.

Processing aids: We supply products to assist with increased production throughput and increasing operational efficiencies.  Longer, efficient product runs put more increases your profitability. 

Wastewater treatment: We design a practical, creative strategy using a consultative problem-solving approach to optimize chemistry and reduce overall costs. Visit our Wastewater Treatment page to see our extensive line of products and capabilities.

Production chemicals: Hydrite carries a wide range of products to ensure your production process is safe and running at maximum efficiency.

Commodity chemicals: With over 7 million gallons of bulk storage and locations throughout the Midwest, we are able to offer our customers commodity chemicals when they need them at the best price.

All of these products come with the support of our experts to reduce complications and increase the efficiency and safety of your operation. Contact us to see what our services can provide for you.

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